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Terms and Agreements

Information. In the event of any malfunction, loss or damage, Customer must call Partytime Machines and speak to an employee.  If the user does not call, no dollar amount will be refunded.  We will do our best to respond, but we are not always available to trouble shoot.   Most problems are power related.  See #2

  1. Power.  The specific electrical requirements for the machines(s) are:  110-volt, 20 amp dedicated circuit with no extension cord.  The machine will not work on less power.  It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that sufficient power is present at event location before the contract is signed. If we determine the machine(s) did not function properly due to inadequate electrical requirements, we will charge the full amount of the contract and reserve the right to add an additional $50 machine test fee.

  2. Cleaning.  Customer agrees to have machine(s) clean upon return to Partytime Machines. General cleaning instructions provided.  There is a minimum cleaning fee of $35 for machines, excluding chocolate fountains of which the cleaning fee is $55.    NOTE:  Do not take the machine apart to clean it; if you do, and it results in damage, you are liable for repair costs.  Machines(s) should be as clean as possible without taking apart.

  3. Hot Weather.  If the temperature is over 80 degrees, we cannot guarantee the machines will freeze down properly when used outdoors.  Please move machines to a cool indoor space if weather is hot and mix, is not freezing down,

  4. Machines. If the machine does not work at your event, the machine will be tested at our office upon the return of the machine.  If the machine works at our office, you will not be entitled to a refund.  There are no exceptions!!!

  5. Property. Customer shall acquire no title, interest, or lien upon such machine.  Title to remain with Partytime Machines.  Customer covenants that he/she will at all times keep the machine in good working order.

  6. Responsibility. The customer rents the machine on an “as is” basis.  The customer takes all financial responsibility for any damage to the above unit while in the Customer’s possession.

  7. Liability. All machines MUST be kept upright.  The customer is liable if the machine is damaged due to improper transporting.  If the machines is returned on its side or back, a minimum of a $50.00 fee will be charged for testing the machine.  Frozen drink machines contain freon refrigerant and should not be laid in a horizontal position.

  8. Transportation. Machine must be transported in a pickup truck or SUV.  We will not put machines on car seat upholstery,

  9. Fees. Fees are charged at the time of booking.  All fees are non- refundable within 10 days of the rental date.

  10. Missing Rental Item Returns. A  minimum of a $25 fee will be charged for each item not returned.

  11. Deliveries. Pickup time is firm.  If employee has to wait, or come back at your convenience, a $50 fee may be charged.  

    Deliveries are bid on a one (1) man basis.  Incomplete or inaccurate information about site conditions will require an adjustment to the delivery cost.  We do not deliver up or down stairs or up on stepup patios.  We will deliver on flat surfaces at garage area.

  12. Delivery Fee.  In Santa Clara County (within a 50 mile radius), the delivery fee is $85 round trip).  Each additional 50 miles is an $85 fee charged.  Tolls and parking fees will be an additional charge.  

  13. Equipment. Do not disassemble any of the equipment for any reason without speaking with a Partytime Machines Customer Service Representative first.  If you disassemble equipment, it may result in serious injury and/or equipment damages for which you will be liable.

  14. Collections. All costs incurred collecting on this contract will be added to the current monthly outstanding balance as incurred.  An interest rate of 18% per annum will be computed and added to the outstanding balance monthly.

  15. Products. Customer agrees to use product mix deemed acceptable by Partytyime Machines for the specific rental(s) on the contract.  Using an unacceptable product mix in rented machine(s) makes the customer liable for damage.

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