Want Hot Buttered Popcorn?

Or Carmel Corn?

Rent a Popcorn Machine

Planning a home movie marathon? Got kids?


We have two sizes of poppers: small, for parties of up to 35 people and large for parties up to 55 people.


Capacity: Holds one pak at a time; popping time is 5 minutes
Small popper: Weight: 64 lbs. Height: 20" Width: 14" Depth: 26"
Large popper: Weight: 72 lbs. Height: 20" Width: 14" Depth: 29"
Power: 110 volts, 20 amps; no dedicated circuit required


Rental Cost:


Small popper   $70
Large popper   $80

NEW: Carmel Corn

We sell Gold Medal MegaPop popcorn mix with our poppers. Packets come with oil and salt and take 5 minutes to pop. If you prefer your popcorn unsalted, just clip off the corner and let the salt drop out.

Maximum production: Our large popper makes over 100 servings per hour. bigbowlpc

8 oz packet serves 9
Case/24 packets: $55
Single packets: $2.30
Carmel Corn $3.25


                           popcorn bowl for sale@www.popcornbowl.com


Download instructions

small popper / large popper
Machine Operation Instructions

Important Machine Facts:
1. Machine must be plugged into a 110 volt dedicated circuit.
2. W
ater must never be put on the popping kettle!!
3. Always have the kettle motor switch Off when not popping corn.
4. After popping corn the kettle is very hot!! Use caution!

Using the Machine:
1. Plug in machine. Turn on power switch (located on front of chassis). Light will come on in cabinet.
2. Push kettle lid up to the top of the cabinet where a magnet will hold it in place.
3. Turn on kettle motor switch (located next to power switch) and wait 4-6 minutes.
4. Open the oil side of the popcorn/oil packet and squeeze the oil into the kettle.
5. Immediately add the popcorn. Put only one package in at a time.
6. Pull lid downward, from the top of the cabinet, to cover the kettle.
7. While the corn is popping keep front plexiglas doors slightly open to prevent fogging. Keep front metal door at "out" position to aid in catching stray popped corn.
8. Allow corn to pop until popping ceases;
9. Turn kettle switch Off!
10. Dump remaining popped corn from kettle by rotating handle clockwise one third turn and pulling downward.
11. Put the kettle back in place. Use
caution! The kettle is hot!
12. Repeat steps 2 through 11 for additional batches.

Cleaning the Popcorn Machine:

1. Wait at least an hour until the kettle has cooled. The kettle can be very hot. Use Caution!
2. Wipe all oil off the inside and outside of the kettle with a DRY clean soft cloth. Do not ever put water on the popping kettle!!!
3. Remove the metal front door, metal cabinet bottom and bottom tray. Remove all popcorn and oil residue in bottom. Wipe off with warm damp cloth.
4. Wipe all oil and residue off of the top inside cabinet with a warm, damp cloth. The lid will take a little more effort as it needs to be cleaned on the top and bottom.
5. Put the bottom tray, metal cabinet bottom and metal hopper door back on/into the cabinet.

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