Cotton Candy Machine: Operating Instructions

Important Machine Facts:
1. Never lift the machine by its spinning head. Always use the handles.
2. Keep the machine upright at all times.
3. Always use the sugar we provide. Other sugars can damage the heating element.
4. Keep foreign objects out of the head. Floss head rotates at 3450 RPM. Operator must keep hands and face clear of floss head and keep spectators at a reasonable distance. For safety, always use a floss bubble.

Before Plugging in the Machine:
1. Unscrew and push down the two knobs on each side of the cabinet top to lower the shipping bracket. The machine will not work if this is not done!
2. Make sure the floss ribbon (heating element) located inside the head assembly has not shaken out of the band during transportation. If the ribbon is out of the band, push it back into place manually.
3. Place the machine on a flat level table. Place the large white plastic bowl on the pink cabinet. It just sits on the machine. There are no fasteners.
4. Place the floss bubble on the bowl.
5. Make sure both switches on the front of the machine on in the off position. Plug in the machine.

Using the Machine:
1. With the main switch still OFF, fill floss head. Always fill it 90% full with sugar. This 90% level is necessary to obtain a balanced condition in the floss head. Do not Overfill! Excessive vibration will occur if overfilled. Before turning the power on, manually turn the head to balance out the sugar. This will eliminate excessive vibration of the head. Important: Never add sugar when motor is running!
2. Turn Main Switch and Heat Switch to "ON."
3. Turn heat control knob clockwise to maximum setting to initiate fastest warm up.
4. The machine should start making floss in a few seconds. When the unit starts making floss, you must reduce the heat setting.
5. Turn the heat control knob counter clockwise to the marked operating position to eliminate smoking. If you operate the unit at "start up" setting, you will "carbonize" the ribbon.

Never operate equipment for a prolonged period of time with the HEAT CONTROL in a position that causes the sugar to smoke. This will result in excessive carbonization of the ribbon (heat element). If you smell burning sugar or see smoke, reduce the heat.

Making the Floss:
1. Keep hands away from spinning head!
2. Pick a cone; if it sticks in the stack
of cones,
twist it off the stack.
3. Hold an inch or two of the pointed
end of the cone between two fingers
and a thumb. With a light flicking
action, roll cone in the web of floss building up in the pan. Lift the cone
up with the ring of floss attached and rotate the cone to wrap the floss.

Do not roll floss while the cone is inside the pan!!
It will pack the floss too tightly.
4. If the floss fails to stick to the cone,
pass the cone near the spinner head
to pick up a "starter" of melted sugar. Lift the cone out of the pan and wrap the floss with a "figure eight" movement of the hand. This leaves giant pockets and makes the final product appear larger.
5. Make sure room humidity is not too high, or product will be "heavy."
6. In operation, the floss will collect on the netting inside the bowl. If the floss collects "low" on the netting, twist the front (leading) edge of the leather floaters down. You get more lift and the floss will collect higher.

Cleaning Instructions: CLICK HERE